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Wayfarers are rugged, multi-functional, symmetrical spinnaker, hiking boats making them suitable for racing, day sailing, cruising and training. Being stable craft they are ideal for learning to sail and family sailing, but they can also be challenging and exhilarating when set up for racing.

At Datchet we have an active, developing fleet whose owners have a wide range of sailing abilities ranging from complete novices to the very experienced. Many of our boats participate regularly in the weekly club racing where the emphasis is on having fun while being competitive. Some Wayfarer owners do not race at all, choosing to cruise their boats or just use them for family holidays, and we also have a number of owners that rig their boats to enable them to race AND cruise – such is the versatility of the Wayfarer.

Whatever your experience or needs, your ambitions will be catered for. If you are new to sailing or wish to develop your skills further, our Wayfarer sailors will provide support, advice and training. Due to increasing boat numbers there are always crewing opportunities available and this is an ideal way to get involved and gain experience. If you would like a trial sail and an introduction to our club, we are happy to arrange this for you.

There is a buoyant second-hand market, so craft can usually be found to suit your budget – meantime use one of the club boats which can be hired at low cost if you are a member.

The class has a very active class association, which publishes a magazine and has a comprehensive website where further details of the Wayfarer and the many class activities can be found.

If you have any questions about Wayfarers at Datchet, please contact Tony Cooper at