Our aim is to increase the number of people catamaran sailing at DWSC.

Our current active catamaran fleet comprises of a wide range of boats -13 Hurricane 5.9’s, a bunch of F16 and the usual mix of Darts, Tornados, Spitfires, F18’s and F20’s. There is also a large range of abilities and whilst the racing is taken seriously, there is an equal amount of effort put into the fun, banter and social aspect of catamaran sailing.

Our yearly Fast CAT open (for catamarans with a SCHRS of 1.1 or lower) has a very strong following as it is one of the first opens of the year (check out the DWSC calendar for the date).

The club has a number of catamarans available for a small hourly fee, for the solo sailor or for a couple, with or without spinnaker. And for those who want to learn you can of course have specific catamaran training dispensed by our club instructors.

For anyone looking to give catamaran sailing a go, we have a number of boats that need crews!

For further details and information, please look through our site or email catfleet@dwsc.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you at the club.

Jon Senior
Catamaran Fleet Captain