The Asymmetric fleet consists of Musto Skiff, RS100, RS500, RS800, 505, and 49er

The RS100, first launched in 2009 by RS Sailing, is a single-handed skiff that brings modern high performance sailing within reach of a many more sailors. With it ultra-light epoxy sandwich hull, carbon fibre spars, epoxy foils and a Mylar mainsail the RS100 is light, easily driven and, with the asymmetric spinnaker set, has an exhilarating performance. The wings moulded into the hull are very comfortable for hiking. Three mainsail sizes are available at 10.2m, 8.4m and 7.2m.
The RS100 was awarded Yachts & Yachting magazine’s Dinghy of the Year in the UK in 2010 and was voted Sailing World magazine’s overall Boat of the Year in the USA magazine’s 25th annual awards in 2011.
A number of RS100 are regularly raced at Datchet throughout the year in the asymmetric handicap fleet. Boats at the club most commonly race with the 8.4m rig, with the occasional appearance of a 10.2m rig. We look forward to more of you joining us.

The Musto Performance Skiff (Musto Skiff) was been designed and developed with the following brief in mind – to produce an elegant yet simple dinghy with blistering performance that is highly enjoyable to sail. Just ask any Musto Performance Skiff owner and they will confirm that the design brief has been achieved.
When the boat was first launched in the year 2000 is was considered that this was a boat for only the best, however mere mortals thought we want some of this fun so worked together to share and help each other. This ethos is now so engrained in the class that it means yes you are sailing a single handed boat with all the flexibility that provides, but also when you turn up to sail all the other guys will be there to help and train with you so it is really like sailing a multi hander. No other class in our mind works together so well.
The UK class is fortunate to be run by a great bunch of people and the Musto Skiff website and forum is the place to go to for anything you want to know whilst sat at your desk dreaming of your next sail.
The boats themselves are built brilliantly by Ovingtons, they are light but the strength is where it matters, just looking at event results and you can see that no matter the age of the boat it is still capable of winning, this means they hold their value.
So now you are sold on the Musto Skiff why join Datchet? Well that is simple it has the largest fleet of Musto Skiffs in the world, and “Team Datchet” are probably also the most active on the national circuit as well. To add to that we have the biggest roll on the national Musto committee as well, having the Class Chairman, the Nationals and Open Event Co-ordinator and the Treasurer.

Datchet provides a great place to learn and when the wind gets up the fun just increases. We have an active WhatsApp and email group that we use to organise our sailing and training. So although we might not feature on the Datchet weekend racing results it does not mean we are not out sailing and training. Just go down the club any weekend and you will know doubt see one or more of us, so come over and have a chat.