Fun, Friendly & on the Water!

The Onboard Club is a great way to practice your skills after you have completed stage 3. With lots of fun games and challenges that allow you to practice your sailing with your friends. There will always be an instructor to hand to make sure your sailing is always improving.

Sessions are available in the AM 10-1 or in the PM 2-5

How do we keep track of what sailing they have done?

The instructor will encourage the sailors to fill in the log section of their Youth sailing logbooks. This is a great tool for us to recommend when they should do the next course such as their stage 4.

Why attend the onboard club instead of going to the next stage? 

Once your sailor has gained stage 3 this means they are comfortably able to sail around on their own and be independent sailors. The jump to stage 4 and the advanced modules can be big without regular practice and consolidation of the skills they have learned on previous stages. It also a fantastic opportunity to try a section of the advanced modules without the stress of a pass or fail at the end of the day.

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