Winter’s here.

The sun’s gone on its 4 month sabbatical.

It’s getting bloomin’ cold.

And the nights are dark and full of terrors* **.

But the good news is: Winter Wednesday Evenings are back!

Kicking off the Winter Wednesday Programme is a talk by Chris Simon on Racing Rules on the 9th October; our AGM is on the 13 November; and our yearly Club Race Officer Training with Ian Bullock on the 4th December. Looking into the New Year, on the 29th of January, Chris Simon is holding a talk on ‘Racing Rules for Race Management’ aimed at bushing up some of those rules for race officers skills that you might have forgotten about! You can sign up in the clubhouse, by using the links below, or on the social tab of the new online booking system***! Food will be pre-bookable and drinks will be avaliable for purchase on the night.

Both of the talks are *drum roll please* free to all club members. If you want to bring a friend then the Racing Rules talk will be £10 for all non-members. Our club RO training is not open to non-members. Please ensure you are logged in otherwise you won’t be able to access these members prices.

Sign up for ‘A Handy Guide to Racing Rules’ by clicking this link.

Sign up for ‘Club Race Officer Training’ by clicking this link.

Sign up for ‘Racing Rules for Race Management’ by clicking this link.

Once again, please make sure you are logged in to our membership system using the button in the top right corner after you follow the links. If you can’t remember your email or password either use the links on the login page, get in touch with: or give us a ring on 01753 683872

If you would like to come to our AGM please let us know you are coming using the link below. There will be a complimentary hot meal being served from 17:30 to 19:30 at the clubhouse prior to the AGM which will start at 20.00 hrs.

Sign up for the ‘Annual General Meeting’ by clicking this link.

*Well maybe not, but they could be, you never know.

**It’s G.O.T boats in… ish.

*** It’s so new in fact that we may have a hiccup or two. We want to hear about any problems and questions you have! Email: . A picture paints a thousand words, screenshots help us diagnose and fix the problem quicker.