A duty on Race Team is a very enjoyable and also educational experience. You will be working alongside the Club Race Officer for the day with starting races using various sound signals and flags, and also finishing races writing down sail numbers and times to form a set of results.

It can get pretty chilly during the winter months so lots of layers will be needed. Nothing is a nice experience when you are freezing cold. During summer in shorts and t-shirt is always the ideal weather.

You will be working with very experienced Race Officers who are always more than happy to help educate you in the world of racing if you feel unsure about what you are doing. Doing enough duties as a Race Team member will get you fully educated on the flags, starting procedures, courses and even many of the rules in the racing world.

At the end of racing it is time to help the Race Officer put the results from the race into the computer ready to be published onto the website. Everyone loves inputting results when the person who has written it has neat hand writing.

After the results have been published it is time to sit down for lunch and give yourself a pat on the back for a successful mornings racing