Written by Club Member Helen Beecham

I have just returned home after a most enjoyable day spent booking in people to try sailing.
It was made so enjoyable by all the lovely club members around us but especially the grins of all those who came back upstairs to thank Janet Pepper and me were a sheer joy.   We all know sailing to be a wonderful sport but to see someone discover it for the first time is special. …those grins were going to last all the way home!

Some super comments: ‘ I had no idea it’s such hard work, it’s really physical, my core muscles are still shaking’ after sailing a Wayfarer.   ‘When we started planing it was fantastic!’  ‘ Thank you so much for persuading me to have a go when I didn’t think I could, it’s the most amazing fun, I loved it!’
Some children who have been captivated could be enjoying what we started today for the next 60 years.

None of this happens without the time and effort of so many club members, many of whom did not see the grins.  They need to know how much it is appreciated.   Well done one and all involved with making this weekend happen.   I am looking forward to another successful day tomorrow….and many new members.

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