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The big event in the next month is the Club Championship and Bart’s Bash on Sunday 18th September. This will be an all-day affair. NoR and SI’s will be published on the club website shortly. Don’t forget that Bart’s Bash is a fund-raising event so get after that sponsorship.

Also coming up are the next pm series race on Sunday 28th August and the next Fairweather Series (11/9)

This Wednesday is the last evening sail this year (7pm start)

Upcoming travelling opportunities

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A few of us were chatting after sailing on Sunday about upcoming open events. I’ve attached a link to the perpetual UKFFA fixtures page for those who haven’t come across this. I’d thoroughly recommend Burnahm on Crouch and Chew (both of which, I’m planning to go to), John/ Helen are going to Burton and Mike/ Phil have been to South Cerney in the past for anyone wanting to know about other venues.

News from the Land Down Under

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A message from Richard McQuilliam (for those new to the fleet, Richard used to crew Roger but moved to Australia at the beginning of the year – presumably to do some plundering and observe glowing women…)

How is the sailing going and the club? I keep an eye on the results and see you how you are doing. Its good to see the weather has been more favourable this year. We had a terrible run up to Christmas but I must say was rather getting used to the coffee mornings. I also see there is a shift to female crews! Is this a fleet driven thing or just pot luck? It’s great to see anyway and read all about the club’s 40th Birthday celebrations.

Things are going well here. We’re both working. It was hard at first and work was a little more scarce than what was projected but we both got jobs after a few months.

We’re living in the suburb of Scarborough on the coast and really enjoy being next to the sea.

Unfortunately I haven’t managed much sailing yet. It’s been the one thing I really have missed and can’t wait to get going again. They pack up for the winter here, can you believe that. Its not as they even have to defrost the boats never mind themselves. Generally the season is from the end of September through till April so as I arrived towards the end of the season I thought I would get settled and sorted first. I have been signing up for Fremantle SC this week ready for the coming season. There’s not many FF’s but they have a comprehensive dinghy section along with diving so plenty for me to try out.

Hopefully though it will be as friendly and welcoming as DWSC.

All the best for now and pass on my regards to everyone in the fleet and at the club.



Fairweather Series results revision

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I jumped the gun on getting the Fairweather Series results updated yesterday as the club results page was wrong and Nick/ Max were incorrectly given a DNC after they persisted in Sunday’s fickle breeze!

The correct results are below – thanks again to Roger for compiling them and apologies to Nick/ Max for doing you a disservice

Get voting in the FFI ballot

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There is a nudge on the UKFFA blog to get members voting on proposed rules changes (including minimum weight and headsail shape) as not many people have voted yet. For a link to the reminder, including pictures and voting form, click here. This is what the proposed jib looks like, albeit in a less attractive setting than Datchet!

Fairweather Series update – with thanks to Roger

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As predicted, Richard and Howard and Mike and Peter consolidated their positions in the Fairweather Series with 8 races completed out of 12. Not quite as strong a position as Giles Scott or Mills & Clark so still time for challenges…

Datchet Water SC

Flying Fifteen Fairweather Series 2016

Sailed: 8, Discards: 2, To count: 6, To qualify: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 10, Scoring system: RYA Appendix A

Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName Total Nett R1
22 May
22 May
12 Jun
12 Jun
24 Jul
24 Jul
14 Aug
14 Aug
1st 4011 Richard Jones Howard Shawyer 33 11 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 1 1 1 4 2 2
2nd 3427 Mike Clapp Peter Morris 21 13 (3) 2 3 2 2 3 (5) 1
3rd 3888 Mike Firth Various 38 16 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 2 3 3 1 4 3
4th 3904 Mervyn Wright Various 41 19 2 4 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 4 2 3 4
5th 3851 Ian Linder James Linder 58 36 1 1 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 1 11 DNC
6th 3181 Nick Moore Maxine Oliver 58 36 4 3 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 5 6 7 11 DNC
7th 3563 Alistair Stevenson Various 68 46 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 7 6 6 5
DNQ 3385 Ian Bland Sophie Bland 77 55 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 6 5 11 DNC 11 DNC
DNQ 3721 Trevor Brant John Watling 81 59 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 11 DNC 11 DNC 9 6
DNQ 3642 Roger Abbey-Taylor Various 81 59 (11 DNC) (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 11 DNC 11 DNC 8 7

Jetty space

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We have had a request from the Radio Sailors to leave a few feet clear at the beach end of the pontoon so that they can get onto to it without climbing over our trailers. Please will everyone avoid parking trailers right up against the pontoon when launching. Thanks a lot