Fairweather Series this Sunday

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This Sunday (14th) is the next instalment of the Fairweather Series. I know the Linders are back to play (presumably James has managed to get a pass from the new ‘Mrs James’ for the first time) and hopefully lots of others will join in to see if we can knock Richard/ Howard off the top spot (see below).

3 weeks to change the world – class rules vote

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Flying Fifteen International has issued ballot papers for changes to the class rules – including a change to the minimum hull weight and genoa shape. If you are a member of UKFFA (which I hope you all are), you can vote on the proposed changes. Ballot papers need to be returned by 31st August. To find more information on the proposals and a ballot paper, click on the following link… http://www.flying15.org.uk/news/flying-fifteen-international-rule-changes

14th August special – Faireweather Series and Sunday pm start practice

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The week after next is the 4th Sunday of the Fairweather Series and the next scheduled Sunday pm racing. A few of us yesterday decided we needed some starting practice and Mike Beclett (who is down as RO for the Sunday pm) is happy to help us with this – so please make a note in your diary to join in. Mike/ Phil and Nick/ Maxine were missing in action this week but with them back, Ant hopefully succeeding in removing his padlock and the Linders, Angus and John/ Jon and Ian/ Sophia making an appearance, we should be able to break into double figures

Fairweather Series update

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Last week was the 3rd instalment of the Fairweather Series. Roger has weaved his magic with the results (below) which show that Richard and Howard are leading this as well as the Summer Series. Hopefully, the rest of us can give them some competition on the 14th (or we’re going to have to nobble their boat).

Summer Series Update

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Yesterday was a great day not to be RO – the weather was lovely and the wind built to a reasonable force 3 but it sure didn’t know where it wanted to blow! 6 boats battled the flukey winds (up/down, left/ right) with Roger’s boat back from the menders, showing Tinu a FF for the first time, Alastair taking advantage of bachelorhood and Trevor/ John making sure Eija doesn’t outdo them for experience. 2 boats were consistently in the right place through both races with Richard/ Howard and Mike C/ Peter winning one race apiece – putting them first and second in the series. The shock news is that Richard and Howard are having to count a second place in their results as Mike C/ Peter have ground them down!

We’re growing

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Another 8 boat day last Sunday – ok, so not all at the same time, but we had seven FF’s out in the morning with Ian and Sophia Bland joining the fleet in 3384 Let’s Cruise, and an eighth turning out in the afternoon to make it 3 FF’s in the Sunday pm racing. I again heard several comments around the club to the effect of ‘how nice it is to see so many of one class out’ – so let’s keep it up.

The first race was very tight between Richard/ Howard and Mike/ Phil (a few feet in it at the end), after pretty much the whole fleet kept coming together and separating all the way round. The second race demonstrated again how good Mike F is at getting away from everyone when they’re not looking. They are beginning to creep up the series leaderboard, together with Mike C and Peter who must have polished their hull in the past month or two.

Apparently this was Sophia’s first outing and the Blands were ‘not really racing’ – which brings the words ‘dark’ and ‘horse’ to my mind as they were going very well. Also, Eija Brant (Mrs Trevor) picked up spinnaker skills very fast in her first time out in a FF in a fresh breeze on the figure of eight course used for the Sunday pm racing. Now I see why daughter Hanna is an Olympic hopeful!

New SI’s for Sunday am

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The observant amongst you may have noticed a new course being used a couple of weeks ago – a triangle-sausage-triangle with start/ gate half way up the beat. This is the result of the Sailing Committee rolling out new courses which were trialled last winter and which are captured in the updates SI’s. These have been broadcast in various ways but a copy is attached just in case you haven’t seen them. I have also duplicated below a table to remind me which is which – feel free to print and laminate it!


Sunday AM Series SIs June 2016 Naval Numeral Flags v3.pdf