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1) The results are in from the FFI ballot – all proposals were passed except for the 5kg weight reduction. The rule changes will come in after the Worlds in March ’17 – so new jibs for Xmas?!

Coming up…

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· Sunday pm & Fairweather Series

Next Sunday (11th) is the next weekend in the Sunday pm series. Sunday am also constitutes the next pair of races in the Fairweather Series, currently led by Richard and Howard. I’ll be taking pictures from the committee boat in the afternoon when I’m RO so please try your hardest to get down so we have a good turnout (forecast is currently a dry force 3, gusting 4).

· Bart’s Bash

The Sunday after (18th) is Bart’s Bash and the Club Championship. NoR’s and SI’s are on the club website (click here) so there’s no excuse for missing either event.

· New boat

Watch out – Nick and Max have a new boat that they will be bringing back with them after their holiday next week. It is apparently very well set up with some crisp new sails and had had some very good results in the hands of its previous owner (Simon Spolton of Parkstone) – so no pressure there then! It has a very similar number to their Hurricane (3407 – 407) so keep an eye out for the wrong sails appearing

Autumn Series starts

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Last Sunday was the first weekend in the Autumn Series. Poor turnout by recent standards but still more than any other fleet. It was a shame given the great wind – and a fantastic final reach to finish off (would have been even better if I’d turned my camera on!). Something for everyone with Nick and Max racing Satisffaction for the last time (new boat on its way), Roger persuading his son out for a second weekend on the trot (encouraging trend there) and Mervyn/ George and Mike/ Peter winning a race each. Hopefully, we’ll get back to our customary higher numbers soon and even break into double figures for the first time in a while.

Thanks to all who brought a shovel (every boat) – and particularly to George who did most of the shovelling – the ramp is now clear.

Bring a Shovel party to start the Autumn Series!!!

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Please bring a shovel on Sunday (first weekend in the Autumn Series) and be prepared to spare no more than 30 mins after sailing to clear the ramp.

With the drop in water level over the past month, there have been a couple of significant piles of silt left on the ramp. When it rains these wash down and resettle just below the waterline, creating a bar that it is hard to push the trailers through. We’re going to shovel the silt away (using a wheelbarrow provided by the club) to avoid this happening. George and I did it last year and it’ll be much easier/ quicker with some help!

See you on Sunday


p.s. the water level is on its way back up again according to Thames Water

Mervyn Wright

DWSC Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain

Tel: 07768 921576

E-mail: mervynwright

Sunday Series/ Competition results update

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As provisionally announced last week, Richard/ Howard did indeed win the Summer Series which ended on Sunday 21st August, and the Copland trophy, counting a very impressive 13 bullets and 2 second places (eat your heart out Giles Scott). Mike/ Peter finished in second place with Mervyn/ George third. Many congratulations to all. The updated FF Results Compendium is attached.

11 boats took part in the series, with turnout building during the series to a peak of 8. Let’s see if we can continue the growth in the Autumn Series which starts next Sunday (4th September)

[attach 1]

Sunday race report

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Last Sunday was a ‘special’ one off race in between series, using the Wednesday evening single start handicap format with a P course. The 8 Flying Fifteens made up more than 1/3rd of the fleet. Aside from a couple of absolutely torrential squalls, the weather was actually quite reasonable and it turned out to be quite a family affair. Tom Hall was joined by daughter Isabel who appears to be a dab hand with the kite, while Roger was joined by his son Alex and Trevor Sparrow put in a (welcome) surprise appearance with his crew that consisted of son Adam plus ‘various spinnaker eating mice and spiders’, all of whom (except Adam) went overboard on the first spinnaker hoist leaving a rather holy kite

Mike Firth and Phil Tinsley applied their combined decades of Datchet experience to finish as lead FF followed by the youthful Halls and Mike Clapp with Peter Morris. For full results (as distorted by the PY system!) click here

A cracking sail this Sunday

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It was the best wind for weeks – top end of a force 4 – and a trapezoid course with a great angle for reaching so the 5 FF’s that turned out had a real blast. It was also a day for testing gear that hadn’t seen decent wind for a while – Richard’s mainsheet strop parted company with his console and Mervyn’s rig tension hook decided to straighten out…

Despite all that, everybody managed to finish without serious damage. Mervyn/ George had a tussle most of the way round with Tom/ Peter in race 1 but pulled away in the last lap, while Alastair/ Tony, Nick/ Max and Richard/ Howard all had a close battle for 3rd place. The second race (also won by Mervyn/ George) saw the extremely rare occurrence of a dead heat – between Tom/ Peter and Nick/ Max on corrected time. Perhaps we should put in a bid for the timing devices used at Rio…

Summer Series

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This was the last weekend in the Summer Series which Richard/ Howard won convincingly (even after Howard had a longer than usual lie-in this week), followed by Mike/ Peter and Mervyn/ George. The provisional line up is below and on the club website (click here).

We had increased participation this series which was great to see – let’s see if we can grow it further in the Autumn Series. Once the results are finalised, I’ll ask Roger to update the personal improvement handicap and we can award trophies!

Rank Class No Helm Crew PY Total Nett
1st Open 4011 Richard Jones Howard Shawyer 1013 73.0 16.0
2nd Silver 3427 Michael Clapp Peter Morris 1026 82.0 26.0
3rd Open 3904 Mervyn Wright George Caspall 1013 119.0 28.0
4th Open 3888 Mike Firth Phil Tinsley 1013 187.0 55.0
5th Open 3563 Alistair Stevenson Lauren Stevenson 1013 188.0 60.0
6th Open 3721 Trevor Brant John Watling 1013 214.0 82.0
7th Silver 3181 Nick Moore Maxine Oliver 1026 219.5 87.5
8th Open 3642 Roger Abbey-Taylor Various 1013 242.0 110.0
9th Open 3725 Tom Hall I Hall 1013 281.5 149.5
10th Silver 3385 Ian Bland Sophia Bland 1026 287.0 155.0
11th Open 3851 Ian Linder James Linder 1013 289.0 157.0