Flying Fifteen Training Day – Saturday 24th March, 2018

John and Helen have volunteered to lead a training session for DWSC Flying Fifteen Sailors on Saturday 24th March to help prepare us for the sailing season ahead.  After an initial on-shore briefing and discussion, exercises will be performed afloat which are likely to include start practice; tacking and gybing practice; etc.  If there is any particular skills you want to hone up on please let us know before the day.  The intention is to video these sessions and provide a debrief over lunch and at the end of the day.

I have agreed with the club that this training day will be free to club members as long as we can find a qualified volunteer (or volunteers) to drive the Rib.  Please could any volunteer please let me know if they are available and willing to help out as soon as possible.  If we can find multiple power boat drivers we can organise to swap around during the day.

We will kick off with a discussion in the Wet Bar starting at 10.00 am.  Please be rigged but not changed by this time.

Please could you let me know whether you would like to join us for this training day.  If you have any questions please call Michael Clapp on 077 6468 1410 or e-mail


Mike Clapp

FF 4027

Fleet Captain


Flying Fifteen 4027

Autumn Series Improvement Ratings

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The Club Autumn Series finished on Sunday with some very close racing on the water.  Two of the boats managed to get a 1st and a 4th or 5th in the two races.  This did not change the overall series positions so first are John and Helen, second are Mervyn and George and third are Mike and Peter. The prizes will be presented at the club Christmas Dinner.

Roger has now managed to calculate the Personal Handicap ratings for the series.  So the Ridgeway Consulting Trophy goes to Alastair and Jeremy.

PIR Autumn 2017 final mod

A few notes from Roger about this calculation: –

“In each race the winning boat’s time is given the scratch rating of 1.000. All other boats’ times are divided by the scratch boat’s time to establish their ratings for that race.

“The various boats’ ratings are averaged over the series and compared with their rating from the previous series. The helm from the boat with the best improvement is the series winner and is awarded the Ridgeway Consulting Trophy.”

See you on the water soon.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain


Datchet Flying Fifteens – Keelboat Fleet Racing near London

FF AGM, new Fleet Captains & Fleet Champs

The DWSC Flying Fifteen fleet AGM was held after sailing on Sunday 3rd December with 11 members in attendance.  The main item on the agenda was the election of the new Fleet Captains. Mike Clapp is now Fleet Captain and Alastair Stevenson is Fleet Vice Captain. Some very positive discussions were held about the development of the fleet – more to follow …

We also awarded the Fleet Championship prizes from the event held over a couple of weekends in March and June and the Crew of the Year award which went to Alex Abbey-Taylor.

Fleet Captain Mike Clapp and Vice Captain Alastair Stevenson (left and right flanks) with 2017 Fleet Champions Isabel & Tom Hall, runners up Richard Jones & Howard Shawyer, and 3rd place Mervyn Wright (George Caspall ill in bed!).  Chloe Hall joined the celebration – practising for when we see her name on the trophy with Isabel?


FF club boat upgraded!!!

A motley crew of Flying Fifteen sailors spent the weekend smoothing out the wrinkles on The Gerry Sheard – one of the club loan boats – so it should be easier to step into and sail now

Sunday’s motley crew

Howard, Mervyn, John & Mike x 2 decided to set sail in the boat-park as the Oppie’s were using the water.  Alastair, Roger and a couple of younger hands washed the boat and checked the mast setting in the rain on Saturday

Thanks to all involved – including Phil for providing parts

Public spirited warm-up routine

John and Helen were spotted hard at work early on Saturday and Sunday cleaning the pontoon before the K1/ FF/ Wayfarer competitions – so that we could launch quicker

This is obviously worthwhile exercise as they went on to win the FF open meeting very convincingly.  Perhaps we should all give it a try – I certainly appreciated sailing in a clean boat!

NoR & SI’s for the Club Championships & Barts Bash

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The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the Club Championships have been published on the club website Please look at the bottom of this page. The basic format of the day is planned as: –

  1. Briefing at 9.30 am.
  2. First Race starts at 10.30 am with a Triangular course with a gate part way up the beat.
  3. Race 2 will be sailed straight after using a Windward/Leeward course.
  4. We then intend to have a lunch break although this is subject to confirmation at the briefing.
  5. The Spring and Summer Sunday series prize giving will be during the lunch period.
  6. Race 3 will be a Trapezoid Course
  7. Race 4 will be sailed “back to back” with Race 3 and consist of a q course.
  8. All the races will be sailed on a single handicap, average lap time basis so you need to sail through the gate on every windward leg and you will be finished after the shorten course symbol is flown.

The first race of the day will also be the “Bart’s Bash” race. Please enter on their website to be counted towards this global event – and to channel your sponsorship (the main aim!)


Mike Clapp

Race Officer

Register early for the Open Meeting

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The registration form is uploaded on the club website (click here) for the DWSC Flying Fifteen Open Meeting on 9th/ 10th September. Registering for the event before 5th September will give you a £10 discount on the entry fee and let the club, caterer etc. know what to expect. John Hanson is also gathering interest for a Saturday night meal so please let him know how many will be coming

See you there