Club Loan Boat Update

Please find below an update about our loan boats from Phil Tinsley.  With all this effort going into maintaining these boats we could do with getting them used more.  If you know of anyone who would like to try out a Flying Fifteen please let Mike Firth or myself know.


Mike Clapp, Fleet Captain


Dear FF Fleet members


Very many thanks to all the fleet’s members who have donated old sails to be sold for the benefit of the club’s 2 FF boats.

These are used to allow trial sails in a FF, and hopefully encourage the triallists to join the fleet.

We had 4 leads from the Southampton Show, one of which is proper interested and will be having a trial sail in the spring.


We have 2 club FF’s – a raceable silver boat 3316 “Gerry Sheard” a 1990 Porter copy of a Windebank/Ovington 9 hull, and an older more recreational hull 3024 “Flouride” a Trenowth from 1985.

Your generosity has allowed the purchase of a new cover for one boat, and the other has a nearly new cover – both branded DWSC club FF.

Gerry Sheard has a good set of Goachers, ex my silver 3341, and Flouride a reasonable set of P+B sails ex 3888.

At present BOTH club boats have garish line green/yellow spinnakers, which should act as L plates, or inexperienced warnings, to the rest of us.

There is also nearly £400 being added to the held funds for upkeep of these club FF’s – funds held by Roger our fleet treasurer.


Today a clear out of the club boats has revealed 8 further sails to be sold for the fleet’s benefit – thanks to all donors.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. I am aware that there are some new members to the fleet, and can I suggest you review your sails – some of the most recently donated sails are ex John Hansen in 3954, and still in very good condition.  We have a good mainsail, a super 2 window genoa and a blue spinnaker for a chute, all by Hyde.
  1. If any fleet member has a redundant sail which they would be happy to donate to benefit the fleet’s FFs upkeep, we would be very grateful. Please see Mike Clapp the fleet captain, or Mike Firth who oversees the Club loan FF’s
  2. Lastly, this is the last group of sails I going to sell for the fleet, and therefore we need an EBay savvy fleet member to take over the sale of the future sails. I will produce a procedural note for the volunteer.




Philip Tinsley

On behalf of the FF Fleet.



Fairweather Series Results

Time to catch up with some general Flying Fifteen matters!  Roger sent me the results of the Fairweather Series a few weeks ago: –

Apologies for keeping you all waiting.   We will award some prizes for this at the fleet AGM which I think is due during December.  I’ll try to set a date for this shortly.

Roger has also updated the fleet trophy list: –

Trophies 2018.2019 Sep

The water level seems to have been fairly steady over the last couple of weeks so with the repositioned pontoon there should be no excuses for not attending Sunday racing.  If you have not seen the instructions from Mervyn please let me know.

See you on the water soon.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain.


Club and Fleet Championships Part 2

The next two Sundays are major events as far a club racing is concerned.

 Tomorrow (Sunday 16th) is the Club Championships.  This has the intention of finding the best sailor in the club by running a series of Handicap races.  The format is the same as last year with four races over different courses.  All are sailed using an average lap time basis so there will be a gate you have to pass through on every upwind leg.  There is no set number of laps so you carry on sailing until the shorten course symbol is hoisted and you will be finished the next time you pass through the gate.  The courses are in the SI’s which are here: –

 We start with a triangle at 1030 am, then have a windward-leeward course, have a break for lunch and then do a trapezoid and finally a P.  3 out of 4 races count.  I will encourage the race officer to give a briefing at 9.30 am.  The forecast for tomorrow may give a Flying Fifteen a chance of doing well in this!

The following Sunday (23rd September) is the rerun of Part 2 of the Fleet Championships (it was postponed due to lack of wind in June).  The Sailing Instructions are very similar to normal club Sunday racing and can be found on the same web page.  There are four races next Sunday with two back to back in the morning and two back to back in the afternoon.  It is four out of eight races to count and no-one established a clear lead in the first part of the event so the title is still very much open.

The first two races on that Sunday also count towards the Fairweather trophy.  The current results for this are shown in the screenshot below.   With all those incentives to get out Sailing that Sunday can we get the fleet into double figures?

See you on the water soon.


Mike Clapp

Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain


Fairweather Series continues on Sunday

This Sunday is scheduled to be the next instalment of the Fairweather Series.  Unfortunately we seem to have already missed two of the Sundays for this due to lack of wind and its not looking too promising for 5th August.  Anyway the results of the series so far are below.

Sailwave results for Flying Fifteen Fairweather Series 2018 at May

I will be down at the club whatever.  Coffee will be served if the wind doesn’t materialise.

See you on the water soon.


Mike Clapp

DWSC Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain


Fleet Championships – Part 2

The second Sunday of the Fleet Championships is coming up on 24th June.  As before, there are 4 races planned – two back to back in the morning and then another two in the afternoon.  First start is a 10.30am with a briefing at 9.30.  The Sailing instructions are here: –

Fleet Championships 2018

The first two races will also count towards the Fairweather Series.

With 4 discards, if we get to run all 4 races, the championships is still very open.  Mike Firth is currently top of the leader board ( ) but that could easily change.

With 6 boats turning out over the last few weekends (unfortunately the wind didn’t play ball so they do not all appear on the results sheets) I am wondering whether we can get into double figures for this event!  Please let me know if you need any help finding a crew for that Sunday or need any other assistance/incentives to get your boat on the water.

See you on the water soon!


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain






Four Flying Fifteens out on a Wednesday Evening and other news

Yesterday evening we must have set a record (well, at least for the last few years) for the number of Flying Fifteens competing in a Wednesday evening race.  Four got to the line for the 7.30pm start.  It was a very close race with the lead within in the fleet changing numerous times.  The only downside was that it must have slowed us all down in terms of the handicap results and turned into my first discard.  I am race officer next Wednesday, but after that can we break that record?

The other news is that Roger has updated the results of the Fairweather Series to include last Sunday’s results.  Please take a look below.  The next Sunday of this series is 24th June.  Please put it in your diary now so we can ensure a big turn-out for this and the second part of the Fleet Championships.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain

Sailwave results for Flying Fifteen Fairweather Series 2018 at May

Fleet Push the Boat Out Weekend – 19/20th May

This month the club is promoting the RYA Push the Boat Out initiative.  The Flying Fifteen fleet’s chance to shine is over the weekend of 19/20th May.

As you should already be aware on the Saturday we have a training session, which should get as many boat owners as possible to get their boats on the water.  As a reminder this starts with a briefing at 10.00 in the club house.  Please be rigged by this time (you can change afterwards).   If you are planning on coming and have not already told me please let me know as soon as possible.

On the Sunday morning we have the second day of our Fairweather Series so  there should be a good turn out for club racing.  The results of the series so far are below.

If you are interested in joining the fleet you are welcome to come and meet us at anytime during the weekend. If you call the club office, or contact me directly, we will be happy to arrange a demonstration sail at a prearranged time during the weekend.  This could get you involved with either of the two events or we can arrange additional slots on Sunday afternoon.

Alternatively why not come and say hello to the fleet over Sunday lunch.   We normally come off the water after racing between 12.30 and 1.30 so you can come and see what a Flying Fifteen looks like, as we retrieve them from the Southern slipway, and then join us for lunch in the clubhouse.

I hope to see you on the water next weekend.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain

Boat No 4027

077 6468 1410


Flying Fifteen Trophy Holders

Roger has just sent me an update on this list of fleet trophy holders as of the end of the club year on 31st March, 2018.  Please let him know if you can spot any omissions.  Congratulations to all the winners!

This Sunday competition continues to win the Spring Series trophies and the two races also count towards the Fairweather Series for the Junk Trophy (see previous post).

By the way, I hope you all have the 19th May in your diaries for the Training Day.

I hope to see as many of you as possible out on the water on Sunday.  Any questions please let me know.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain   FF#4027

Trophies 2017.2018

Fairweather Series

As mentioned in my previous post about the Fleet Calendar the fleet has an additional series over the summer months in order to encourage a greater turnout.  This is known as the Fairweather Series and is starting a week on Sunday.  The dates this year will be: –

29th April

20th May

24th June

8th July

5th August

and 23rd September

The results from the normal Sunday morning races on these dates will be combined together to determine the Fairweather Champion using a discard rate of 33%.  This is defined in the Notice of Race shown below.

This series is targeted at fleet members who cannot commit to racing every Sunday but would like to target their attendances on days when there should be a better turnout.  I have therefore tried to select dates when there are not major open meetings on elsewhere or other major club events.  I have, though, made the two races on the Sunday morning of the second part of the Fleet Championships part of this series.  Even more incentive to make 24th June a date to get sailing!

If you have any questions about this series please let me know.  I hope to see as many of you on the water as possible a week on Sunday.



Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain

FF #4027

NoR FF Fairweather Series 2018