How to win a prize at the Flying Fifteen Nationals

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John Christensen and Jonathan Baggot have sent a of their Hayling Bay adventure last weekend – with a description of the thought process that led them to deciding to go to the Nationals, what they did to prepare, what they learned that they still needed to do(!) and what a great time they had. Even better, they won a well-deserved prize for their efforts…

At the end, they ask three excellent questions…

­ Why don’t more Classic or Silver boats go to the Nationals?

­ Where was anyone else from Datchet?

­ Where are next year’s Nationals?

I can answer where they are next year – Falmouth – and why the ‘normal Datchet travellers’ weren’t there, but I hope this report inspires a few more people to travel, including the several Classics/ Silvers we now have – why not give it a thought for next year? Btw, the VR Sport video reports for all 4 days are online now ( and the 2 J’s make another appearance.

FF Nationals Report.docx

Flying Fifteen parking/ launching for the UK Marblehead Nationals – 15th to 17th July

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Flying Fifteen parking/ launching for the UK Marblehead Nationals – 15th to 17th July

Datchet is hosting UK Marblehead Nationals this weekend – expecting 60 boats. Their course may be set near our pontoon depending on the wind direction. I’ve agreed with Terry that if they are using our pontoon on the Sunday, they will leave the half of car park near the bank clear for our boats and we will leave one car up for pulling up but everyone else needs to move their cars away.

They will pause their racing while we are launching – and we will wait for their signal when we are coming in after we’ve finished racing so we don’t kill their racing. It should be a good event – and Terry has promised us a play sometime

Flying Fifteen Fairweather Series Notice of Race

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Attached is the NoR for this year’s Flying FFairweather Series – which will combine the FF results for the Sunday am races on 22nd May, 12th June, 24th July, 14th August, 11th September and 9th October 2016 and the winner will receive the ‘Junk’ trophy.


The intent for this series is to focus turnout on one day per month for those who aren’t able to make every weekend.



Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions posted for FF Midwinters and Mercedes Open

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With a lot of help from Gabrielle and Tristan, I have uploaded the NoR’s and SI’s for the Flying Fifteen Midwinter Championship (which will draw results from the WInter Warm Up in February) and the Mercedes Trophy Open Meeting on 12th and 13th March

Please encourage as many people as possible to attend – if you need help finding a crew or helm, contact me





p.s. next blog lesson will be how to put in links!

We have results!

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We have results! The Winter Series finished this weekend with the largest turnout of Flying Fifteens for some time – 17 boats participated, sometimes with different helms resulting in a total of 23 entries. The full results are on the club website but the top three are as follows:

1st place
Charles Apthorp & various
2nd place
Hakuna Kutoa Katika
John Hanson & Helen Selden
3rd place
Ffizzbuzz too
Mervyn Wright & George Caspall

I know all this because Roger has worked his magic and calculated the personal improvement rating to determine that the winner of the Ridgeway Consulting Trophy this series

Ian Linder & James Linder

So congratulations to Charles and every one of his many crews and to Ian and James – and thanks to Roger for his continued good work on the results

Attached is an update to the Results Sheet

Happy reading