First Aid course and Dinghy Instructor course spaces

Dear Members and General Public,

There are spaces on our First Aid course this weekend. It is a 9:30am start prompt, upstairs in the Peter Short room. Members price £60 and non-members price £90. This is also free to all club Safety coxswains so check those certs and book yourself a place now. Please follow the link!fa/c1qk6

On the 22nd of June to the 26th of June we are running a Dinghy Instructor course with a few spaces left. Please follow the link to book now!dinghy-instructor/cbor

A taste of the first day of our Open Weekend …and more to come tomorrow!

I just had to share the following email after the first day of our Open Weekend from Helen Beecham, one of our team of helpers for the Push The Boat Out event:

I have just got home after a most enjoyable day spent booking in people to try sailing.

It was made so enjoyable by all the lovely club members around us but especially the grins of all those who came back upstairs to thank Janet Pepper and I were a sheer joy. We all know sailing to be a wonderful sport but to see someone discover it for the first time is special. …those grins were going to last all the way home!

Some super comments: ‘ I had no idea it’s such hard work, it’s really physical, my core muscles are still shaking’ after sailing a Wayfarer.

‘When we started planing it was fantastic!’

‘ Thank you so much for persuading me to have a go when I didn’t think I could, it’s the most amazing fun, I loved it!’

Some children who have been captivated could be enjoying what we started today for the next 60 years.

None of this happens without the time and effort of so many club members, many of whom did not see the grins. They need to know how much it is appreciated.

Well done one and all involved with making this weekend happen. Looking forward to another successful day tomorrow….and many new members.

Helen Beecham

Working Party Update 10th May


The amazing efforts of about 30 volunteers have completed approx 55 hours, over 3 sessions and toiled away at the following:

First two sessions

· Initial weed and sweep of 2/3 of the beach a total of 3 trailer

· Weeding of both ramps down to the beach. loads of bin bags

· Removal of the long grass by west ramp

· Weeding around the outdoor seating


· Strimming the edges inside the boat park

· Uncovering and painting 40 boat space numbers

· Uncovering / excavating (!) another 45 spaces – all now waiting to be re-painted

· Removing 1 ½ trailer loads of large rubbish from the boat park

· Relocating club toppers/ lasers, in the park, onto racks or to tidy boat spaces

· Pulling club boats out of the brambles and relocated to tidy boat spaces.

Tidy of the appearance at the two road corners in the boat park by;

· Strimming grass edges

· Digging out 4 water run-off channels

· Uncovering large run-off drain and clearing soil from the surrounding area

· Removing weeds from kerbside on both corners

In addition, Jon renewed some ground tackle for the pin-end buoys

So,,,TODAY PLEASE stay for an hour and help with the beach & car parks:

· Sweep and tidy of the beach for the Open Day

· Weeding the remainder of the upper walkway along from the outdoor seating

· Car Park tidy; Rubbish picking / sweeping of the edges

· Top Road tidy; sweeping of the stones off the road back onto the gravelled area

Anyone like to ‘paint’??

· Wood Staining the front of the brown outdoor store by the seating area

· Continue with Boat space numbers.

· Any other suggestions for tidying/sorting something that is really annoying you???

Gloves / Tools / brushes / bags/ buckets /sponges etc etc are by outdoor seating or in the room adjacent to the wet bar – where we have a DIY cupboard! Please don’t wait to be asked – grab a broom and go!!! We also have the two petrol strimmers on site. We were kindly donated a small pressure washer, if anyone would like to experiment on cleaning the outdoor seating (if possible today without drenching all our visitors!!)

Please see Keith for a well-earned tea/coffee afterwards, a small thank you from the Club Sue

Marine Crime Scene Investigation at the Open Weekend


Datchet Water Sailing Club is inviting young sailors to don their detective hats and grab a magnifying glass to play the role of a marine special agent on The Green Blue’s interactive Marine CSI Challenge. Taking place from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, 16 May as part of the RYA Push The Boat Out initiative, Datchet Water is the first sailing club in the UK to run the brand new educational resource for sailing clubs.

The Marine CSI Challenge will see visitors undertaking fingerprint analysis, unscrambling puzzles and performing chemical tests to crack four cases. The cases involved an oil spill on a slipway, marine littering, chemicals poured into the water, and spreading alien invaders into Paradise Harbour – The Green Blue’s fictional crime scene.

The CSI Challenge is designed to increase awareness amongst younger sailors of the impact that boating can have on the environment in a fun and engaging way and to advise all recreational boaters on how they can help keep our waters clean, safe and beautiful to sail in.

To discover who spilt oil on the slipway, the fledgling detectives have to undergo fingerprint analysis of an overturned oil can suspected to be the source of the spill. Once they’ve detected the crime scene fingerprint, they have to match it against the fingerprints taken from six identified suspects to find the culprit.


Participants will also have to spot the items of litter hidden in photographs taken on board the suspects’ boats to identify which of the six individuals have let the most amount of litter blow overboard into the harbour.

After seeing how successfully the Marine CSI Challenge engaged young sailors at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show earlier this year, many sailing clubs approached The Green Blue interested in running a similar activity with their young sailors when off the water and also as an interactive session during sailing events.

Delighted with the high level of interest, The Green Blue team has created a standalone resource pack for any sailing club to plan and run their own Marine CSI Club Challenge. Datchet Water Sailing Club is the first in the UK to join forces with The Green Blue to pilot the CSI activity during their RYA Push The Boat Out event. Keen to demonstrate their commitment to being an environmentally sustainable club, officials believe it will bring added value to what they can offer to their members and prospective young sailors.

Gabrielle Boase, the General Manager and Club Principal at Datchet Water, explains: “We’re thrilled to join forces with The Green Blue and immensely proud to be piloting the Marine CSI Club Challenge. Datchet Water Sailing Club welcomed over 100 visitors from as far away as Chichester and Cheltenham at last year’s RYA Push the Boat Out initiative. Building on this success, the Marine CSI Club Challenge is set to make this year’s event even bigger and better.

“We are fundamentally a green sport and we operate a green clubhouse at Datchet Water. Spreading the word about environmental impact and sustainability with our younger sailors and newcomers to the sport is helping to keep our waters clean and safe. Engaging with them also creates a long-lasting impact for the Club by helping to ensure even more people make sailing part of their future.”

If your sailing club is looking for a fun, interactive and informative activity to engage your young sailors please contact Kate Fortnam on 07900 492192, The Greens Blue’s Environmental Outreach Officer, for support on how to get your Crime Scene Investigation up and running.

The Green Blue is the joint environment initiative created by the British Marine Federation and Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to encourage a more sustainable recreational boating sector. Launched in 2005 at the PSP Southampton Boat Show, the project enjoys the support of The Crown Estate’s Marine Stewardship Programme and the Environment Agency. To find out more visit