Bank Holiday attracts the FF Crowds

Sunday’s racing started with seven Flying 15 hitting the start line with 12 knots of wind from the north. The first race saw many position changes up the first leg, with 4027 leading a closely bunched fleet around the top mark. More close racing ensured but 4027 covered the fleet and went on to win, followed by 3563 and then 3341.

The second race started with one recall (3563 with helm and crew swapping) and 4027 being squeezed out of the line. Despite similar conditions to race 1, the fleet spread out with 4011 taking a commanding lead, followed by 3725 (welcome back to the Hall’s after their winter hibernation) and 4027 just holding off 3341 for third place. The second race also saw the Wright Swimming Cup being award to Alastair (sailing as crew) who tried hiking the boat flat on a three sail reach without using the hiking straps … splash.

The wooden top 3341 appeared, now with it’s mast in a more normal position rather than being miles too far forward for no good reason at the Open meeting.

It was a red letter day as Hospital Tinsley managed 2 races back to back, without St Johns or A+E being needed!! Probably means an air ambulance next time!

Roll on next time!!

Club and Fleet Championships Part 2

The next two Sundays are major events as far a club racing is concerned.

 Tomorrow (Sunday 16th) is the Club Championships.  This has the intention of finding the best sailor in the club by running a series of Handicap races.  The format is the same as last year with four races over different courses.  All are sailed using an average lap time basis so there will be a gate you have to pass through on every upwind leg.  There is no set number of laps so you carry on sailing until the shorten course symbol is hoisted and you will be finished the next time you pass through the gate.  The courses are in the SI’s which are here: –

 We start with a triangle at 1030 am, then have a windward-leeward course, have a break for lunch and then do a trapezoid and finally a P.  3 out of 4 races count.  I will encourage the race officer to give a briefing at 9.30 am.  The forecast for tomorrow may give a Flying Fifteen a chance of doing well in this!

The following Sunday (23rd September) is the rerun of Part 2 of the Fleet Championships (it was postponed due to lack of wind in June).  The Sailing Instructions are very similar to normal club Sunday racing and can be found on the same web page.  There are four races next Sunday with two back to back in the morning and two back to back in the afternoon.  It is four out of eight races to count and no-one established a clear lead in the first part of the event so the title is still very much open.

The first two races on that Sunday also count towards the Fairweather trophy.  The current results for this are shown in the screenshot below.   With all those incentives to get out Sailing that Sunday can we get the fleet into double figures?

See you on the water soon.


Mike Clapp

Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain


Soccer Trumps sailing (for one week only)

Thanks to all who responded so quickly to the snap poll on Wednesday evening racing this week.  The overwhelming preference is to watch England play Croatia and sail on Thursday instead.  We will aim to put on a race on Thursday in the style of Wednesday evening racing, starting at 7.30pm, with take-away food (Keith is tied up unfortunately).  The current wind forecast for Thursday is very light, so we will make a call by 5pm on Thursday as to whether or not this will go ahead – please watch out for email, blog etc.  To avoid distortion to the series results caused by the fact that some can’t sail on Thursday, we will not be counting results from this week towards the Wednesday evening series

Let’s hope England win!


Mervyn Wright (Vice Commodore) & Jon Senior (Master of Ceremonies for Wednesdays!)

Flying Fifteen Open Meeting – Next Weekend

Our club Flying Fifteen Open Meeting for the Mercedes Trophy is next weekend (7th & 8th April). I hope as many of you as possible are planning to attend.

The Notice of Race is available from the menu above under Racing > Open Events. One thing to note is that it is £10 cheaper if you enter before midnight on Tuesday. You can do this by going to this webpage: –

This form is a little over complicated so please feel free to enter a few random letters if you don’t have all the information to hand. Please enter 01/01/2018 as your date of birth if you are not after the youth prize!

One other thing of importance is that the briefing by the Race Officer is planned for 10.30 as the Wayfarer’s have their first start at 11.30. As our first start is not until 1 pm I will probably present a second briefing at 12 noon in case anyone wasn’t there for the first one.

Any questions, please let me know.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Championships 2018

Part 1 of the 2018 Fleet Championships is coming up fast.  As with last year this is being held over two Sundays – the first between the Winter Series and the Spring Series on 25th March and the second between the Spring and the Summer Series on 24th June.  The plan is to run four races on each Sunday with a total of four races out of eight to count.  That means some could win by attending just one of the two events but they need to be brave to not attend the second Sunday as the tie break favours the last race.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are below.  Their will be a briefing at 9.30 on each Sunday.  The first race is at 10.30.

See you all on the water.

Mike Clapp

Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain


March 2018 Newsletter Release and Membership Renewal

Dear Members,


The latest edition of our Datchat Newsletter is out now. Please click on the link below and check it out!

March 2018 Datchat

For you young members who are planning on renewing your membership, make sure you check out our new membership reduction for young adults!

We will also be starting to process the membership renewals for the up and coming membership year. Make sure you keep an eye out for your invoice. Also please let us know of your duty dates for this year  so you can get your place. Email Tristan at with your dates.

Happy Sailing!


Team Datchet!