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Hello to all Flying Fifteen sailors

I would like to introduce Maxine and myself as your new Vice Captain and Fleet Captain respectively at Datchet Sailing Club.

We are relatively new 15 sailors having sailed a Flying Fifteen for only a year after sailing Hurricanes for the past three decades.

We look forward to meeting all of you over the coming season and enjoying the competitive and friendly racing that the Datchet 15 fleet is famous for starting this weekend at the Christmas Regatta, prize giving and Christmas lunch.

It is clear to us during our first year that the FF15 is the most active and growing fleet at Datchet. However, we are keen to see an increase in participation during 2017 and also encourage some of you to attend some open meetings that are coming up.

To this end we would be very glad to receive feedback from all of you so that we can get an idea of what it is you want and any suggestions that you may have:-

1. What do you want more of ?

2. What do you want less of ? and

3. What do you want new that we do not currently do

To stimulate some thoughts we have some suggestions below to encourage sailing and some social fun:-

· BBQ after sailing at Datchet on Sunday afternoons

· Training / coaching session/s

· Boat rigging, tuning, racing rules seminars

· Occasional social drinks in London after work near central station (Waterloo, Paddington etc) for those working in London or fancy a trip into London

We look forward to hearing from you

Nick and Max

3407 Final Fling

John’s Trailer Saga ends

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Many of us had a bit of a warm up before the start to lift Hakuna Kutoa Katika off its temporary trolley back on the trailer it had parted company with a couple of weeks earlier (arf arf!). I’m sure all will be delighted to hear that John’s trailer has been recovered from the bottom of the reservoir. Sadly we don’t have pictures of the tyre tracks that the diver had to follow to find it (13m underwater) but we do have a picture of Helen looking on as John practises for sailing upside down in NZ…

Top Turnout for Start of Winter Series

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We had our best (equal) turnout of the year this week with 8 boats out including a return of the legendary FooF under new management (Charles). This was as many as the entire asymmetric fleet managed to get out and earned us our own start in winterised start format. The wind freshened up through the morning and gave us some nice reaches in the puffs. The water has come in as well – but fortunately not quite enough to break Mervyn’s mast when it hit the underside of the tower while he was watching the mussels crunch against his gunwhale!

Richard/ Howard and Charles/ Adrian shared the day’s honours with a first and a second place in each. For some reason the races seemed a bit processional after the first lap with boats struggling to change places except for Richard and Howard taking out Charles/ Adrian on a beat in race 1 and taking Mervyn/ George on the last reach in race 2.

Next week is the last Sunday series event of the year (followed by the FF AGM) with the Datchet Flyer the following weekend, then the Xmas Special/ Xmas Lunch on 18th and Christmas itself the week after! It would be great to start off the new year with at least 8 boats out again and build from there.

Help needed to make Boxing Day and New Year’s Day races possible

Please let me know if you are willing to be the RO for the Boxing Day race or the Safety Coxswain for the New Year’s Day race. It’ll be hard to hold the races without these roles to complement Peter Morris who has already volunteered as Safety for Boxing Day and me as RO on New Year’s Day. Please let me know if you are able to help (I’ll happily fill in a RO duty for you later in the year)

Thanks in advance


Start of Winter Series this Sunday

While reviewing next year’s calendar we discovered mixed messages about this Sunday’s racing. To clarify the situation, this Sunday is the start of the Winter Series. There is a change to the SI’s covered elsewhere on the blog (Inc first signal at 10.57am) and there will be a briefing in the wet bar at 10am

Autumn Series prizegiving will take place before the Xmas Lunch on December 18th. I apologise to any of you for which this is a surprise but hopefully you will see it as an added bonus!

Happy sailing


Winter Series starts this weekend – with modified start arrangements

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The Winter Series starts this Sunday. Three key points to note:

– All starts slipped 30 mins (10.57am first warning signal)

– Starts combined – Flying Fifteens either start in Start 1 (with the Fast Handicap, Laser & Youth) or Start 3 (on our own) if there are more than 4 of us

– Briefing at 10am in the wetbar

Changes to SI’s on the blog (here)

Sailing Committee meeting coming up

The next Sailing Committee meeting is on 23rd November. Talk to your ‘sailing community representative’ about anything you think we should be discussing. The minutes from the last meeting are on the club website (SC minutes) and there is a new page (SC homepage) explaining what the Sailing Committee does, how it does it, and how you can get involved. Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more or finding out how you can get involved.

Mervyn Wright (mervynwright; 07768 921576)

Reminder to sign up for 11th December

Sunday morning racing will be replaced by the Datchet Flyer on 11th December, but there is an opportunity to run afternoon club racing if there is sufficient demand. If interested, please fill in the form by the sign sheets or let the office know your name, boat name and number (by 27th November). Unless there are 15 requests or more, club racing will not take place.

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