The Boat Park and Your Berth

Datchet boasts a large boat park with easy access.  Every boat is provided with a boat park sticker and owners are asked to display them on their boats where they can be seen when the covers are fitted.   Please help by displaying your sticker clearly – the best place is on the front of the mast above the cover.

It is wise to tie boats down not just to the trailer but to the ground anchor points.   The boat park is on open ground and once every couple of years or so we get a real gale.  Some boats are more susceptible to strong gusts than others so please ensure you and your neighbours don’t become victims of the weather.

Each berth has a concrete block set into the ground; each one is numbered and placed on the centreline of its berth.   The block should line up with the boat’s centreline.

Boats classes are grouped together in the boat park to promote fleet communities within the club.




Laser Park