Winter Regatta 2019 – Sprint Racing

This coming Sunday (15th December) – before the club Christmas dinner – is one of the club’s quarterly special events. This year we have decided to use this opportunity to test out some “Sprint Racing”. The idea is to get about 4 races completed in the time we normally use for 2. The sailing instructions for this event are below but in Summary:

Briefing in the Wet Bar at 10.00 am

First Start 11.00 am

Sausage – Triangle – Finish for first 3 starts. 2 laps Windward/Leeward for Asymmetrics and CATS.

Revised Fleet splits and sequence giving the Lasers their own start (I am happy to discuss other class allocations to the starts just before the briefing).

The intention is to run 4 races back to back but we could try more if we don’t run out of time. N over A will be flown when the committee has had enough.

Mike Clapp – Race Officer