Fleet Championships Part 2, etc.

Next Sunday, 23rd June, is part 2 of the Fleet Championships.  Part 1 was back in March but as it was 4 out of 8 races to count and we only completed 1 race at in March the championship is still wide open.  The sailing instructions for the event are here: –


Next Sunday there will be four races with a break for lunch in between the second and third race.  The format is very similar to normal Sunday club racing.  The Spring Series prize giving should be held over lunch. 

The two morning races also count towards the Fairweather Series  – https://www.dwsc.co.uk/2019/02/15/2019-fairweather-series/.  Therefore, double the reason to see a good turnout of Flying Fifteens next weekend!

On other matters: –

  1. The sailing committee recently agreed a minor update to the club sailing instructions which will come into effect at the start of the Summer Series (from 30th June).  The main difference is that if Course 5 is chosen by the Race Officer the Flying Fifteen fleet will sail a Triangle/Sausage/Triangle/Sausage course until they are shortened rather than triangles only (which the fast handicap will carry on doing).
  2. Gabrielle pointed out to me on Wednesday that he Flying Fifteen area of the boat park has just been strimmed.   This process would be sped up if we could all kept our areas free from litter – especially redundant bits of boat hardware.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on the water next weekend.


Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain

Flying Fifteen #4027