Club Loan Boat Update

Please find below an update about our loan boats from Phil Tinsley.  With all this effort going into maintaining these boats we could do with getting them used more.  If you know of anyone who would like to try out a Flying Fifteen please let Mike Firth or myself know.


Mike Clapp, Fleet Captain


Dear FF Fleet members


Very many thanks to all the fleet’s members who have donated old sails to be sold for the benefit of the club’s 2 FF boats.

These are used to allow trial sails in a FF, and hopefully encourage the triallists to join the fleet.

We had 4 leads from the Southampton Show, one of which is proper interested and will be having a trial sail in the spring.


We have 2 club FF’s – a raceable silver boat 3316 “Gerry Sheard” a 1990 Porter copy of a Windebank/Ovington 9 hull, and an older more recreational hull 3024 “Flouride” a Trenowth from 1985.

Your generosity has allowed the purchase of a new cover for one boat, and the other has a nearly new cover – both branded DWSC club FF.

Gerry Sheard has a good set of Goachers, ex my silver 3341, and Flouride a reasonable set of P+B sails ex 3888.

At present BOTH club boats have garish line green/yellow spinnakers, which should act as L plates, or inexperienced warnings, to the rest of us.

There is also nearly £400 being added to the held funds for upkeep of these club FF’s – funds held by Roger our fleet treasurer.


Today a clear out of the club boats has revealed 8 further sails to be sold for the fleet’s benefit – thanks to all donors.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. I am aware that there are some new members to the fleet, and can I suggest you review your sails – some of the most recently donated sails are ex John Hansen in 3954, and still in very good condition.  We have a good mainsail, a super 2 window genoa and a blue spinnaker for a chute, all by Hyde.
  1. If any fleet member has a redundant sail which they would be happy to donate to benefit the fleet’s FFs upkeep, we would be very grateful. Please see Mike Clapp the fleet captain, or Mike Firth who oversees the Club loan FF’s
  2. Lastly, this is the last group of sails I going to sell for the fleet, and therefore we need an EBay savvy fleet member to take over the sale of the future sails. I will produce a procedural note for the volunteer.




Philip Tinsley

On behalf of the FF Fleet.