Fairweather Series

As mentioned in my previous post about the Fleet Calendar the fleet has an additional series over the summer months in order to encourage a greater turnout.  This is known as the Fairweather Series and is starting a week on Sunday.  The dates this year will be: –

29th April

20th May

24th June

8th July

5th August

and 23rd September

The results from the normal Sunday morning races on these dates will be combined together to determine the Fairweather Champion using a discard rate of 33%.  This is defined in the Notice of Race shown below.

This series is targeted at fleet members who cannot commit to racing every Sunday but would like to target their attendances on days when there should be a better turnout.  I have therefore tried to select dates when there are not major open meetings on elsewhere or other major club events.  I have, though, made the two races on the Sunday morning of the second part of the Fleet Championships part of this series.  Even more incentive to make 24th June a date to get sailing!

If you have any questions about this series please let me know.  I hope to see as many of you on the water as possible a week on Sunday.



Mike Clapp

Fleet Captain

FF #4027

NoR FF Fairweather Series 2018