Flying Fifteen Open Meeting – Next Weekend

Our club Flying Fifteen Open Meeting for the Mercedes Trophy is next weekend (7th & 8th April). I hope as many of you as possible are planning to attend.

The Notice of Race is available from the menu above under Racing > Open Events. One thing to note is that it is £10 cheaper if you enter before midnight on Tuesday. You can do this by going to this webpage: –

This form is a little over complicated so please feel free to enter a few random letters if you don’t have all the information to hand. Please enter 01/01/2018 as your date of birth if you are not after the youth prize!

One other thing of importance is that the briefing by the Race Officer is planned for 10.30 as the Wayfarer’s have their first start at 11.30. As our first start is not until 1 pm I will probably present a second briefing at 12 noon in case anyone wasn’t there for the first one.

Any questions, please let me know.


Mike Clapp