FF AGM, new Fleet Captains & Fleet Champs

The DWSC Flying Fifteen fleet AGM was held after sailing on Sunday 3rd December with 11 members in attendance.  The main item on the agenda was the election of the new Fleet Captains. Mike Clapp is now Fleet Captain and Alastair Stevenson is Fleet Vice Captain. Some very positive discussions were held about the development of the fleet – more to follow …

We also awarded the Fleet Championship prizes from the event held over a couple of weekends in March and June and the Crew of the Year award which went to Alex Abbey-Taylor.

Fleet Captain Mike Clapp and Vice Captain Alastair Stevenson (left and right flanks) with 2017 Fleet Champions Isabel & Tom Hall, runners up Richard Jones & Howard Shawyer, and 3rd place Mervyn Wright (George Caspall ill in bed!).  Chloe Hall joined the celebration – practising for when we see her name on the trophy with Isabel?