Team Datchet at the Laser 4.7 Worlds

Written by Club Members Mark Lyttle and Rob Thomas.

Here live at the Laser 4.7 worlds in Nieupoort, Belgium, four young Datchet sailors are competing with the top sailors from 45 countries in their first Laser Worlds event.

Connie Stevens, Zach Lyttle, David Calder and Josh Thomas finished their first day of racing yesterday with challenging wind over tide conditions in the North Sea. Today as they sail a mile down the ship canal from the KYNC sailing club to the race area on the sea, they face stiffer conditions with winds gusting up to 29 knots in what is expected to be the most challenging day of the event.

Our 13-15 year old sailors are facing very stiff competition along with the other GBR sailors at the event against 350 sailor entries in this under 18 event.

With five more days of racing, there will be plenty of news and stories so we will keep you posted !


Rob and Mark.