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Well it was good of Richard Jones to bring the sun back to Datchet on Sunday after his sojourn to the antipodes, even though he was complaining about how unbearably hot it was in Australia whilst only the previous week Nick and I (Maxine) were doing battle with Mike and Peter in sub-zero temperatures (Mike winning both races – but we are getting closer) – now that was something to complain about !

The bimbling is getting quite serious now with Richard lending his loos gauge to Nick and Mike Beckett did not want to be left out so he also used it on the K1. Gavin was seen battling with the tape measure whilst trying to read and holding on to sheets of the tuning guide flapping in the wind. Well we all went a lot better for it but still could not catch Richard although it was very close racing especially at the first mark with 3 of us bearing down on each other with lots of shouting from Richard who obviously doesn’t like crowds – good fun racing.

Nick and I retired after coming 3rd in the first race as I had managed to bend the goose neck in half. I am still not sure it was me that broke the goose neck but “it’s is at the front of the boat” so the blame is all mine – obviously. I have been told the only other person that has been able to do that is super crew Phil Tinsley so I’m in good company.

So we made our way to the Chandlers to spend some more money, Simon was very busy when we got there polishing his new Audi (Nick thinks he has paid for that over the years) but managed to drag himself away to sell us (several hours later) the last goose neck in the shop at a 30p discount mind you on account in conversation they both used to sail cadets at the same club decades apart when they were kids. Still we will be back in business next week ready to do battle again.

We had four F15’s out last Sunday and the first start on a large trapezoid course, some good breeze in the sunshine which was lovely. Lunch followed the racing in the clubhouse as unlike the Spitfire crew we don’t take our lunch out with us. The club and the club house were very busy and buzzing with some good banter.

On a more serious note Tom Hall has delivered to Nick one of the new P&B jibs to trial – it comes complete with a new length halyard and strop. Let us know if you want to trial it and we will bring it in for you.

Lastly we can confirm that John Hanson and Helen Selden have finally arrived in Napier, New Zealand for the Worlds and have been busy putting the mast up and the keel on and getting the sails measured (decal number 28) and just like all athletes – drinking cider! Not sure who is winning that competition but I’m sure Helen is doing all crew proud in the drinking games.

Good luck to John and Helen everyone will be cheering you on from sunny Datchet.

Some dates for diary:-

· 4-5 March Dinghy Show

· 20-21 May – Push The Boat Out

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