Flying Fifteens – This is fun !

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So last Sunday was a freezing cold, wet, dull day to go sailing and we were all wondering why we were there at all, when the fleet captain gave an enthusiastic rousing speech to the crew of the 5 boats in the dinghy park. In an effort to keep warm we were all wearing so many layers of sailing apparel that we resembled a mixture of terrorists, bank robbers and a lone Muslim woman wearing a burkha. We were reminded that the reason we were there is because “THIS IS FUN! Also Trevor has driven all the way from Shropshire to be RO” so we had to go sailing.

It was in fact so much fun for Mervyn that after launching from the pontoon he decided to sail back up the ramp, which would have been far more fun to watch but we didn’t want him to miss out on all the action and we gave him a shove back out so he could join us.

The first race proved to Mike Clapp and Nick Moore that all the bimbling, measuring and studying of tuning guides and prying of information, tips and advice from Charles Apthorp the previous week didn’t help at all, well not so far anyway. As Mike Clapp retired due to issues with the spinnaker and Nick had to re-rig our kite giving everyone a one lap head start. Charles Apthorp had a clean sweep and won both races.

The second race was turned around very quickly particularly for us as we had only 30 seconds between finishing and starting the next race giving me no time to break out the hot chocolate.

So this Sunday the weather is a lot warmer 5oC (all those that have jetted off to the southern hemisphere can stop smirking now) the sun will make an appearance and the breeze is gradually picking up so come and join us and have some fun.

Dates for your diary

25th January Racing Rules Night at Datchet

*12th March Fleet Championship (part 1)

22nd March Club Racing Management Night – for all RO’s, race teams, and safety coxswains for discussions, learning and best practice

*18th June Fleet Championship (part 2)

*4 races per day – you need to complete 50% to be eligible