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Hello to all Flying Fifteen sailors

I would like to introduce Maxine and myself as your new Vice Captain and Fleet Captain respectively at Datchet Sailing Club.

We are relatively new 15 sailors having sailed a Flying Fifteen for only a year after sailing Hurricanes for the past three decades.

We look forward to meeting all of you over the coming season and enjoying the competitive and friendly racing that the Datchet 15 fleet is famous for starting this weekend at the Christmas Regatta, prize giving and Christmas lunch.

It is clear to us during our first year that the FF15 is the most active and growing fleet at Datchet. However, we are keen to see an increase in participation during 2017 and also encourage some of you to attend some open meetings that are coming up.

To this end we would be very glad to receive feedback from all of you so that we can get an idea of what it is you want and any suggestions that you may have:-

1. What do you want more of ?

2. What do you want less of ? and

3. What do you want new that we do not currently do

To stimulate some thoughts we have some suggestions below to encourage sailing and some social fun:-

· BBQ after sailing at Datchet on Sunday afternoons

· Training / coaching session/s

· Boat rigging, tuning, racing rules seminars

· Occasional social drinks in London after work near central station (Waterloo, Paddington etc) for those working in London or fancy a trip into London

We look forward to hearing from you

Nick and Max

3407 Final Fling