The results are in!

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I woke up this morning to see that someone (Mike Clapp I suspect) has been beavering away on the club website to produce the results for the Autumn Series – and with them the Fleet Championship (which this year combines the results of the Spring, Summer and Autumn Series). So here they are:

The Autumn Series, and the Backbone Cup, was won by John and Helen in the boat with a long name, on a brief stopover between the UK circuit and New Zealand.

1st John Hanson/ Helen Selden 3954 Hakuna Kutoa Katika
2nd Mervyn Wright/ George Caspall 3904 Ffizzbuzz too
3rd Mike Clapp/ Peter Morris 3427 Effortless

The Fleet Championship, and the Mountifield Cup, was won by Richard and Howard in Carbon Copy

1st Richard Jones/ Howard Shawyer 4011 Carbon Copy
2nd Mervyn W/ George C/ Gabrielle B 3904 Ffizzbuzz too
3rd Mike Firth/ Phil Tinsley 3888 Firth’s Folly

Their wins are all the more impressive because Richard/ Howard’s result consisted entirely of bullets, while John and Helen had to count only one second place (and that was when they were mucking about!)

Congratulations to the winners and all involved. We had 18 boats competing for the Fleet Championship and 11 for the Autumn Series – with a peak turnout of 8 (almost 9 if Trevor had remembered his kit!). The full results are in the website (Fleet Champs) & (Autumn Series)