What an eventful day on Sunday!

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Nick and Maxine returned from holidays with a new boat and John and Helen returned from their highly successful Summer campaign with a brand new mast. Mike and Phil scored a DNC in the morning because Mike’s car battery needed replacing. Meanwhile, on the water, John/ Helen won both races in what was a fun Force 4 with some extra puffs now and then, that made the bottom reach a real blast. In the meantime, Tom’s mainsheet tails knotted inside his boom and George’s jib-sheet parted (I sense a Reggie Perrin-like list of excuses building!)

It was great to see Emma, Trevor Sparrow and Sue Holdship (plus daughters) all joining in the Sunday pm racing. Not so great however, was Mervyn’s mast going snap and his car battery also giving out – with his car conveniently parked at the bottom of the ramp, preventing recovery of any boats! Thanks to Emma and Tristan for helping out.