News from the Land Down Under

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A message from Richard McQuilliam (for those new to the fleet, Richard used to crew Roger but moved to Australia at the beginning of the year – presumably to do some plundering and observe glowing women…)

How is the sailing going and the club? I keep an eye on the results and see you how you are doing. Its good to see the weather has been more favourable this year. We had a terrible run up to Christmas but I must say was rather getting used to the coffee mornings. I also see there is a shift to female crews! Is this a fleet driven thing or just pot luck? It’s great to see anyway and read all about the club’s 40th Birthday celebrations.

Things are going well here. We’re both working. It was hard at first and work was a little more scarce than what was projected but we both got jobs after a few months.

We’re living in the suburb of Scarborough on the coast and really enjoy being next to the sea.

Unfortunately I haven’t managed much sailing yet. It’s been the one thing I really have missed and can’t wait to get going again. They pack up for the winter here, can you believe that. Its not as they even have to defrost the boats never mind themselves. Generally the season is from the end of September through till April so as I arrived towards the end of the season I thought I would get settled and sorted first. I have been signing up for Fremantle SC this week ready for the coming season. There’s not many FF’s but they have a comprehensive dinghy section along with diving so plenty for me to try out.

Hopefully though it will be as friendly and welcoming as DWSC.

All the best for now and pass on my regards to everyone in the fleet and at the club.