Working Party Update 10th May


The amazing efforts of about 30 volunteers have completed approx 55 hours, over 3 sessions and toiled away at the following:

First two sessions

· Initial weed and sweep of 2/3 of the beach a total of 3 trailer

· Weeding of both ramps down to the beach. loads of bin bags

· Removal of the long grass by west ramp

· Weeding around the outdoor seating


· Strimming the edges inside the boat park

· Uncovering and painting 40 boat space numbers

· Uncovering / excavating (!) another 45 spaces – all now waiting to be re-painted

· Removing 1 ½ trailer loads of large rubbish from the boat park

· Relocating club toppers/ lasers, in the park, onto racks or to tidy boat spaces

· Pulling club boats out of the brambles and relocated to tidy boat spaces.

Tidy of the appearance at the two road corners in the boat park by;

· Strimming grass edges

· Digging out 4 water run-off channels

· Uncovering large run-off drain and clearing soil from the surrounding area

· Removing weeds from kerbside on both corners

In addition, Jon renewed some ground tackle for the pin-end buoys

So,,,TODAY PLEASE stay for an hour and help with the beach & car parks:

· Sweep and tidy of the beach for the Open Day

· Weeding the remainder of the upper walkway along from the outdoor seating

· Car Park tidy; Rubbish picking / sweeping of the edges

· Top Road tidy; sweeping of the stones off the road back onto the gravelled area

Anyone like to ‘paint’??

· Wood Staining the front of the brown outdoor store by the seating area

· Continue with Boat space numbers.

· Any other suggestions for tidying/sorting something that is really annoying you???

Gloves / Tools / brushes / bags/ buckets /sponges etc etc are by outdoor seating or in the room adjacent to the wet bar – where we have a DIY cupboard! Please don’t wait to be asked – grab a broom and go!!! We also have the two petrol strimmers on site. We were kindly donated a small pressure washer, if anyone would like to experiment on cleaning the outdoor seating (if possible today without drenching all our visitors!!)

Please see Keith for a well-earned tea/coffee afterwards, a small thank you from the Club Sue

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