Wayfarers Warmed Up!

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We had three wayfarers out including one visitor. Day 1 had extreme wind speeds and 2 wayfarers braved the conditions. The Steve 10739 missed the start of race 1 as he travelled that morning to DWSC. He decided that race 2 was too much when a catamaran pitch poled before the start.
Both the others wayfarers missed the start but Scott 9416 crossed the start line before Tony 10727 and kept the lead for the duration.
Race 2 Tony missed the finish line and retired leaving Scott with a win for finishing.
Race 3 had all three boats out again in strong winds. Tony capsized and Scott beat Steve to the finish line.
Race 4 saw Tony back on form taking a win followed by Steve and then Scott.
Race 5 was combined with a contender open even so had a hectic start line. This was made easier by Tony and Steve both missing the start gun by several minutes. Scott had a good start and kept up with contenders in the light winds. Scott first Tony 2nd and Steve 3rd.
Race 6 had all three wayfarers start on time. The race was extremely close with all three boats taking the lead at some point in the race. At the start of the last beat, Steve was out in front the Tony closely followed by Scott By the finish line all three had swapped positions with a win for Scott and second for Tony and third for Steve. A very close and exciting race.
Race 7 and 8 had medium winds and allowed Steve to excel in both races. Steve finished in front on both races with Tony 2nd on both and Scott was left behind.

A great mini event for the three wayfarers within the Winter Warm-up series at Datchet. final results Scott 1st, Steve 2nd, Tony 3rd.

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