Every cloud has a silver lining…

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Or in this case a Mk10 lining…

5 boatloads of keen flying fifteen sailors turns up on Sunday to see a glassy Queen Mother Reservoir and fog. After a great team effort in straightening the pontoon, much tea was drunk and many pearls of wisdom were shared

One among us however was feeling in a very proactive mood. Mike Clapp – having dismissed the Wayfarer Inland Champs for which he was RO – drove up to a Gretna Green for an assignation with our esteemed class national president Bobby Salmond and came home with a new boat 4027 (name yet to be announced).

Congratulations to Mike – and look out everyone else when Mike takes his new toy out to play

Express yourself

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Crispin Read-Wilson, who has produced some extremely high quality FF World Magazines over the past few years, is looking for articles for the next issue. Click here to see Crispin’s request and information on how to get your article to him before the print deadline of 14th November. I’ve suggested that John/ Jon share their excellent report on attending the Nationals – it would be good to get a couple of articles out of Datchet.

Where have all the good men gone? (most of the good women showed up!)

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Last week, I was hoping to see double figures out this weekend… Well we almost had a double figure (2) because only 3 boats turned out! John/ Helen, Nick/ Max and George/ I braved the weather forecast and actually had a really good sail. It helped to change into wet weather gear before rigging unless you wanted to look like Gordon Gekko with slicked back hair (John) but the rain stopped before we launched and my tell-tales even dried off before the race started. The RO set a cracking course, using most of the reservoir and we all had a good whiz round and chat in the bar afterwards

So come on, everyone else, let’s get the numbers up again next week – whatever the forecast

Chew Valley open 29/30th October

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Chew Valley are holding their Flying Fifteen open meeting at the end of October this year. Follow this link for the NoR http://www.chewvalleysailing.org.uk/files/NOR/NOR%20_Flying_Fifteen_and_Scorpion_Open_2016.pdf. Aiming for 7 races over 2 Daly’s

It’s a very pretty place to sail and has had some big wind the last couple of times I’ve been. At least 2 Datchet boats are planning to go – Nick/ Max and Mervyn/ George – why not join us? It’ll be good practice for the Inland Champs which are there next year

While the water is low…

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We need to limit the number of cars at the top of the ramp so that there is space for all the boats that need to use it to launch.

So please – only one car at most per boat by the ramp and the rest parked nearer the club

Thanks a lot


Flying Fifteen AGM – 4th December

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In time honoured tradition, we will hold the fleet AGM at the club in the upstairs meeting room after sailing on 4th December (lunch paid for from fleet funds). Please let me know of any agenda items you wish to discuss. In particular, I am looking for nominations for ‘crew of the year’. I will be asking the current holders of fleet posts if they are willing to continue – and looking for fresh volunteers ahead of the meeting.


Fairweather Series results

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Mike C had come back from his adventure in the Caucasus to try to wrestle the Fairweather Trophy from Richard and Howard’s grasp – but despite Mike/ Peter beating them in race 2 on Sunday, Richard/ Howard emerged as winners of the Junk Trophy for the third year in a row! The full results are below thanks to Roger – showing Mike C/ Peter in second place and Mike F/ Phil third. Congratulations to all.

Record turnout for the year last Sunday

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We had 9 boats rigged and ready to go on Sunday. Unfortunately, Trevor forgot his sailing kit so only 8 started the first race. Several of us were confused at the start because the RO made a unilateral decion to use a 5 minute start sequence. This didn’t phase Richard and Howard who had only just reached the start in time for the gun anyway and carried merrily on their way to collect yet another bullet, holding off John/ Helen, and Mike C/ Peter in that order.

The second race started with John/ Helen over line at start, and a storming start for Richard/ Howard (who had worked out that it was a 5 minute sequence). The first beat saw a split in the wind pattern down the middle of the beat with those on the right side getting a 40+degree lift while those on the left (who had no shift at all!) suddenly went from first to last. Alastair and Andrew Stevenson rounded the leeward mark first but it wasn’t long before John/ Helen pulled away to win by at least half a leg at the end. Andrew showed some serious helming skills on the last reach when he kept their boat level with Mervyn/ George in a brief planing contest (only to be let down by his father’s spinnaker skills!).

Hopefully we can get into double figures next weekend!