News update from Sailing Committee

As you know we ran a slightly different format for the Winter Series to trial some suggestions made by you the membership. As you are aware we are back to the standard model of courses, starts and start timing for the time being.
The trial was a great success and thank you from the SC for the feedback, this has been very helpful. I would like to share with you the high level results of the trial so that you can understand some improvements that will be rolled out as a direct result of the trail and your feedback.

1) starting with the summer series we will be introducing the varied courses that we trialed during the winter series. We need to formalize some instructions for Race Officers to assist in the understanding around the conditions relating to when to use which course.
2) The later start time of 11:00am appears to have some support however this will probably be used only for the Winter series as we go forward.
3) The 2 start format is something that we will again look at for the winter series however one fleet is unhappy about the 2 starts and we will work with that fleet to satisfactory resolve this.

Other things you need to look out for from the Sailing Committee in this our 40th year is MORE SAILING. We intend to restart the great work John Bashford did and get some sailing/coaching/encouragement sessions on Saturday afternoons open to all club members. We want to promote a fun environment where we can sail and learn from our peers within our own and different fleets. We are also looking for Race Officers who will run racing on Sunday afternoon as well as Sunday morning. This will be a separate series from Sunday Morning and I encourage you all to support it going forward. More news on these activities in the next few weeks.

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