RYA Dinghy Show – Report by Mike Beckett

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DWSC stand 2015

Over the weekend of the 28th Feb and 1st March DWSC had a stand at the RYA/Suzuki Dinghy Exhibition at Alexandra Palace. The show was well attended both on Saturday and Sunday and saw a steady flow of visitors to the DWSC Stand including existing, old and potential new members.

Other visitors to the stand included classes and associations who are interested in host their national and inland events at DWSC in the future.

With all the manufacturers promoting their new boats it was interesting to talk to potential new members about what boats we sail at DWSC and although everyone is interested in the latest and greatest new products it feels that sailors are starting to question the idea of getting a new wiz bang boat and be the only one at a club verse buying a boat that we already have a fleet or are building a fleet of.

The new solar panels that started generating electricity for us on the first of January was an interesting talking point with other clubs who are wanting to become greener in their operation, and yet again it would appear that DWSC is leading the way for Sailing Clubs to be more eco-friendly.

Although a number of significant sailing clubs do not attend this show the DWSC Council still believe that this is worth the cost and effort to have a presence at the main UK Dinghy Exhibition – once again, we even signed up a new member on the day! It does take some effort to attend this exhibition and I would like to thank the team who manned the show for the entire weekend and then also the various club members who gave us some of their valuable time at the show to man the stand and help out.

Mike Beckett

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