Update from members at RS Games – Wednesday 24th

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Andrew Wilson WINS VAREO Class!!

Kevin & Fenella and Becky & Sam dominate mid-fleet in the 200s. ‘Dominate’ used loosely here, they’ve seen almost every result possible so far in almost any wind possible. Currently healing wounds in the WPNSA bar after 30 knot gusts and scary (according to sam…) waves.
The gossip: Fenella broke Kevin’s forestay, Becky fell out of the boat eating sweets and Kevins currently wearing makeup!

Other DWSC members spotted around the sailing academy, who all did VERY respectably:

John Kewley 100s

Andy Hatch & Alex Park 400s
Antony Mee & James Worraker 400s

Allan Fraser & Linda Fraser 500s

Antony Mee & James Penty 800s
Neil Farmer & Haley Bouma 800s

Hope we didn’t miss any of you.

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