Volenteers Wanted for Dinghy Show, 5th & 6th March

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This year DWSC is returning to the Dinghy Show for the first time in several years; most of the preparation has been completed, however we are still looking for a little bit of help with –

1. We would like to borrow a TV stand, preferabley a tall one that holds the monitor at head height.

2. We would like some help on Sunday taking the stand down and carrying it out to parked vehicles.

3. We are still looking for a lady, with an “outgoing and a vibrant personality” .

There are a few tickets spare for those above.

While we are happy to see you at the show, we would prefer the stand not to become a “chat zone” for existing club members, we are there to attract and talk to potential new members.

We will let you know how we get on. If you can help please see Gabrielle in the office.

Joe Snowdon

Sailing Manager

Datchet Water Sailing Club

t. 01753 683872

m. 07984 058954

e. training@dwsc.co.uk

w. www.dwsc.co.uk

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